Nerd in action: Coding, Programming, Emotional Intelligence,and Motivation.

This is my personal website where I document my daily #hustle like Gary says. I like to talk about psychology, programming, open-source and also business.

My goal is to provide you information about technical stuff that with very simple and direct words. Making the hard, something easier to digest.

My second goal is to talk about topics or strange ideas related to our human psychology.

In any case, you will get the vibe: I want to help people with the little I know and the stuff I’m interested in. If you like that idea, I will send you cool updates to your email, if you decide to subscribe. There you will mostly be notified of every new Blog post I write.

And If you want to contact me for some cool reason, you can send me a DM on Instagram. Also, I want to someday really invest time in my Youtube channel.

Who am I?

We all are special, but if we don’t act we become mediocre.

My name is Hernan Ezequiel Di Giorgi. I’m a developer from Argentina. And I would love to talk with you, so please keep in mind that you can always send me an email to:

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Do you know that you are important? You are important to me. The fact that you are reading this is because you care about me. Thanks for using your time to know more about me. Every time you read me or you watch one of my videos/content is amazing. I always wanted to talk to a lot of people, share ideas and make the world a better place. That is why I upload to social media and enjoy trying to be consistent on Instagram. I have plans to go back to youtube to record videos like "Studying for 24hrs straight" or something extreme mixed with learning. I'm so excited to learn new stuff, but I can't find yet a good way of mixing the learning process with a video that should provide some sort of entretainment... I will see.... . #mindset #mindsetiseverything #mindsetcoach #mindsetshift #mindsetmatters #mindsets #mindsetiskey #mindsetquotes #mindsetcoaching #mindsetchange #meditation #mindfulness #mindsetquote #mindsetmastery #mindseteverything #mindsetcreator #motivation #motivationalquotes #motivational #motivationalquote #investment #money #motivations

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