crypto Venezuelan Government Accused of Using Bitcoin to Bypass US Sanctions
Jul 25 20:15
Nicolás Maduro and the United Socialist Party of Venezuela have been accused of circumventing financial blockades imposed by the U.S. government. According to local reports, Maduro’s regime evades sa...
security Streaming service withstands 13‑day DDoS siege
Jul 25 16:35
The attack, unleashed by a 400,000-strong Mirai-style botnet, may be the largest of its kind on recordThe post Streaming service withstands 13‑day DDoS siege appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
crypto The Next Big Financial Meltdown Is Around the Corner, Many Voices Warn
Jul 25 16:00
The economy is looking great,” how many times have they told you that? And why do you usually hear it when you are late on a mortgage payment or during a downsizing purge at your company? Relying on ...
linux 200 Linux Laptop Pinebook Pro is Available for Pre-order
Jul 25 15:49
Pinebook Pro is an inexpensive Linux laptop with modest configuration and a price tag of just $200. Pre-order for this device is open now
security Johannesburg Ransomware Attack Leaves Residents in the Dark
Jul 25 15:00
The virus affected the network, applications, and databases at City Power, which delivers electricity to the South African financial hub
crypto Ripple’s Q2 Report: XRP Up, Volume Down, Benchmark Changed
Jul 25 14:44
Ripple, a California-based blockchain startup focusing on the banking sector, released their Q2 XRP Markets Report for this year, which shows that XRP price is up, but trading volume is down.These ar...
security Security Training That Keeps Up with Modern Development
Jul 25 14:15
Black Hat USA speakers to discuss what it will take to 'shift knowledge left' to build up a corps of security-savvy software engineers
crypto Consensys Inner Conflicts Spark Legal Action Against Founder
Jul 25 14:00
Ethereum cofounder Joseph Lubin was recently summoned to court in New York when a former employee initiated a lawsuit for more than $13 million. According to the summons stemming from former Token Fo...
linux PHP 7.4.0beta1 Released, HypriotOS 1.11.0 Now Available, ALA Asks LinkedIn Learning to Change Terms of Service that Jeopardize Privacy Rights, Red Hat Announces RHEL 8.1 Beta and The Forbidden Arts Coming to Linux
Jul 25 13:44
News briefs for July 25, 2019.PHP 7.4.0beta1 has been released , marking the first beta of PHP 7.4. Go here to see the list of changes, and go here to download. Note that this is an early test versio...
crypto A Story of 1 Picture: How Blockchain Startup Accidentally Met Jack Ma
Jul 25 12:46
Jack Ma. Source: a video screenshot, Youtube, Viva TechnologyA rather unusual and amusing story happened to a Lithuania-based blockchain startup, Lympo, on Wednesday. Apparently, the founder and chai...
security Your Android Phone Can Get Hacked Just By Playing This Video
Jul 25 11:43
Are you using an Android device? Beware! You should be more careful while playing a video on your smartphone—downloaded anywhere from the Internet or received through email. That's because, a special...
linux Job Control: the Bash Feature You Only Think You Don't Need
Jul 25 11:30
by Mitch FrazierThere are basically three types of people in the world: those who know little or nothing about bash job control, those who know enough to believe that it's nothing that they would eve...
crypto 20 y/o Crypto Millionaire Briefed Congressional Representatives on BTC
Jul 25 11:11
Source: Twitter, @erikfinmanErik Finman, the twenty-year-old crypto millionaire and one of the earliest and youngest investors in Bitcoin, talked to Congressional Representatives about Bitcoin and cr...
tech How to Add Swap Space on Ubuntu
Jul 25 10:55
One of the simplest ways of watching against out-of-memory problems in applications is to increase some swap size in your server. In this article, we will explain how to add a swap file to...[[ This ...
crypto Major Airline, Norwegian, Lifts Bitcoin Adoption to the Sky
Jul 25 10:11
Source: iStock/Björn ForeniusThe low-cost carrier and one of the biggest airlines in Europe, Norwegian, will allow its passengers to pay for tickets in cryptocurrency, including the most popular one,...
security Answer These 9 Questions to Determine if Your Data Is Safe
Jul 25 10:00
Data protection regulations are only going to grow tighter. Make sure you're keeping the customer's best interests in mind
crypto PR: CoinLoan Welcomes Bitcoin Cash to Their List of Collateral Currencies
Jul 25 09:30
CoinLoan is among the first to offer loans secured by Bitcoin CashAs we mentioned in our previous updates, new assets are about to join CoinLoan’s list of cryptocurrencies soon. CoinLoan keeps its pr...
crypto Bitcoin and Altcoins Rebound But Facing Uphill Task
Jul 25 09:04
This week, we saw a downside extension in bitcoin and altcoins. BTC/USD broke the USD 10,000 and USD 9,800 support levels. However, the USD 9,500 level acted as a decent support, resulting in the sta...
crypto Is Bitcoin Money? Revisiting Mises’ Regression Theorem
Jul 25 08:30
Over 100 years after the publication of Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises’ “The Theory of Money and Credit,” the ideas outlined therein are still sparking hot debate. Namely, what is known as Mises...
security Edge Feature Section
Jul 25 08:25
Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry's standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type ...
security Android Malware 'Triada' Most Active on Telco Networks
Jul 25 08:00
Google in May disclosed that several Android devices had been shipped pre-installed with the RAT
crypto John McAfee Released from Detention
Jul 25 07:54
Source: Twitter, @officialmcafeeProminent crypto advocate and IT security entrepreneur, John McAfee is back after being detained by the authorities in the Dominican Republic.According to the Associat...
security How to Create Smarter Risk Assessments
Jul 25 07:00
Executives and directors need quantitative measurements - such as likelihood of loss and hard-dollar financial impact - to make more informed decisions about security risks
security Popular Malware Families Using 'Process Doppelgänging' to Evade Detection
Jul 25 06:45
The fileless code injection technique called Process Doppelgänging is actively being used by not just one or two but a large number of malware families in the wild, a new report shared with The Hacke...
crypto Confusion Reigns as Tron’s Justin Sun Posts and Deletes Apology
Jul 25 06:40
Justin Sun. Source: a video screenshot, Youtube, BlockTempo TVThe plot is continuing to thicken in the curious case of Tron’s Justin Sun and the lunch that never happened with Warren Buffett.As previ...
crypto Seoul Gives Go-ahead to Blockchain Free Zone – But There’s a Twist
Jul 25 05:08
Busan. The South Korean government has given the green light to a special free economic blockchain zone in Busan, the country’s second-largest city – but early indications appear to suggest that Seou...
crypto Bitcoin Above USD 10K Again, Outperformed by Ether, EOS and Others
Jul 25 04:50
The crypto market is in green today - bitcoin is back above the USD 10,000 level, while other major coins outperform the most popular cryptocurrency and only nine tokens from the top 100 are in red n...
tech How to Disable SELinux Temporarily or Permanently
Jul 25 04:32
Linux is regarded as one of the most secure operating systems you can use today, that is because of its illustrious security implementation features such as SELinux (Security-Enhanced Linux). For sta...
security Linux Botnet Adding BlueKeep-Flawed Windows RDP Servers to Its Target List
Jul 25 04:08
Cybersecurity researchers have discovered a new variant of WatchBog, a Linux-based cryptocurrency mining malware botnet, which now also includes a module to scan the Internet for Windows RDP servers ...
security New Android Spyware Created by Russian Defense Contractor Found in the Wild
Jul 25 00:16
Cybersecurity researchers have uncovered a new piece of mobile surveillance malware believed to be developed by a Russian defense contractor that has been sanctioned for interfering with the 2016 U.S...
crypto Le Roux Biographer: Cartel Boss Is the Most Credible Satoshi Yet
Jul 24 23:44
Paul Le Roux is a criminal kingpin turned criminal informant whose misdeeds have filled a book. The author of that tome is investigative journalist Evan Ratliff, whose rip-roaring tale has recently r...
linux BT Adopts Ubuntu OpenStack
Jul 24 23:21
British Telecom has chosen Ubuntu OpenStack, developed by open-source specialist Canonical, as the cloud platform that will help support the introduction of 5G and fibre-to-the-premises connectivity ...
linux Uber Releases Ludwig 0.2
Jul 24 22:37
Roughly five months following the debut of Ludwig, Uber’s open source and no-code deep learning toolkit, the ride-hailing company today detailed improvements with the latest version: Ludwig 0.2. Amon...
crypto Another Self-Proclaimed Satoshi Appears in the High Profile Bitcoin Lawsuit
Jul 24 18:00
A new filing has been submitted to the ongoing Kleiman v. Wright case stemming from a man who claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto. The man, named Debo Jurgen Etienne Guido, has sent handwritten testimony t...
crypto PR: bitHolla Releases Open Exchange Kit HollaExShell
Jul 24 17:30
bitHolla, the company that builds customized cryptocurrency trading software is announcing the launch of its new product HollaExShell, an open exchange software package, giving anyone the ability to ...
security With Data Breach Costs, Time is Money
Jul 24 17:05
The sooner a company can detect and respond to an incident, the less likely they are to pay for it, a new IBM-Ponemon study finds
crypto Cryptoasset Margin Trading: How Safe is it
Jul 24 16:26
The major digital asset trading platform, Binance, recently announced that it now also supports margin trading and warned that it “is highly subjected to market risk”. However, in a recent interview ...
linux Red Hat Announces RHEL 8.1 Beta
Jul 24 15:45
Red Hat has released a minor beta update to RHEL 8 to improve manageability and add new security enhancements and new drivers to the operating system. RHEL 8 was announced in May this year as a succe...
security NSA to Form New Cybersecurity Directorate
Jul 24 15:20
Anne Neuberger will lead the directorate, which aims to bring together the NSA's offensive and defensive operations
security Mirai-Like Botnet Wages Massive Application-Layer DDoS Attack
Jul 24 15:10
IoT botnet-made up mainly of routers-hit a service provider with nearly 300,000 requests-per-second in a 13-day deluge of data
crypto E-Commerce Giant, Newegg, Expands BTC Payment to 73 More Countries
Jul 24 15:09
Source: Instagram, NeweggMajor U.S.-based online retailer Newegg said it will start accepting bitcoin in 73 additional of its country-specific stores.Given that Newegg provides its services in 81 cou...
crypto US, EU and Japan Could Trigger ‘Cold Currency War’ by Debasing Fiat
Jul 24 14:50
The world’s major central banks are waging war to determine who can make their respective fiat currency weaker. With the likelihood of even more money printing and negative interest rates ahead, peop...
crypto Hyundai Pay to Expand Blockchain Services, E-commerce App Makes Waves
Jul 24 13:51
South Korea’s fast-growing blockchain industry continues to show signs of health – with one of the country’s biggest conglomerates stepping up its blockchain operations.Hyundai Pay, the electronic pa...
linux FTC Announces $5 Billion Settlement with Facebook, First Preview Release of Fedora CoreOS Now Available, Red Hat Certificate System Achieves Common Criteria Certification, GNOME 3.33.4 Released and Summer Update on /e
Jul 24 13:42
News briefs for July 24, 2019.The Federal Trade Commission announces a $5 billion settlement with Facebook. CNN reports the deal resolves "a sweeping investigation by regulators into how the company ...
security DEF CON Invites Kids to Crack Campaign Finance Portals
Jul 24 13:00
DEF CON's Voting Village and AI Village team up with r00tz Asylum to let kids explore simulated campaign financial disclosure portals and disinformation campaigns
security Data breaches can haunt firms for years
Jul 24 12:04
The compromised company may bear the financial brunt of the breach within the first year after the incident occurs, but the price tag is still far from finalThe post Data breaches can haunt firms for...
crypto Indian Supreme Court Sets New Date to Hear Crypto Case
Jul 24 11:45
The Indian supreme court has set a new date to hear the crypto case that was originally scheduled to be heard on July 23. The court is expected to address the writ petitions against the RBI banking r...
linux Extending the Kernel with Built-in Kernel Headers
Jul 24 11:30
by Joel FernandesNote: this article is a followup to Zack Brown's "Android Low Memory Killer—In or Out?"Linux kernel headers are the unstable, constantly-changing, internal API of the kernel. This in...
crypto Facebook's Word Play Puts Libra's Promise Under Question
Jul 24 11:13
David Marcus, co-creator of Libra, head of their Calibra wallet. Source: a video screenshot, YoutubeUntil the necessary regulatory approvals are gained, Facebook's Libra will not be launched, David M...
tech How to Fix “Cannot find a valid baseurl for repo” in CentOS
Jul 24 10:11
One of the commonest errors CentOS users encounter when using YUM package manager (for example running yum update command), especially on a freshly installed system is the “Cannot find a valid baseur...
security 7 Stats That Show What It Takes to Run a Modern SOC
Jul 24 10:00
An inside look at staffing levels, budget allocation, outsourcing habits, and the metrics used by security operations centers (SOCs
security The Commoditization of Multistage Malware Attacks
Jul 24 10:00
Malware that used to be advanced is now available to everyone. These three actions could help you stay safer
security Facebook Agrees to Pay $5 Billion Fine and Setup New Privacy Program for 20 Years
Jul 24 09:03
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) today officially confirmed that Facebook has agreed to pay a record-breaking $5 billion fine over privacy violations surrounding the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Be...
crypto Bitcoin and Altcoins Showing Signs of Continuing Weakness
Jul 24 09:01
Yesterday, we discussed the chances of more downsides in bitcoin price if it breaks the USD 10,000 support. BTC/USD did trade below the USD 10,000 support and it might continue to slide in the coming...
security Black Hat USA Offers Inside Look at Boeing 787 Security Flaws
Jul 24 09:00
The 787 Dreamliner, WhatsApp, and Windows 10 are all subjects of cutting-edge Reverse Engineering talks at this year's August event
crypto McAfee Allegedly Detained by Authorities
Jul 24 08:43
Source: Twitter, @officialmcafeeProminent crypto advocate and IT security entrepreneur, John McAfee is allegedly missing and detained by authorities, according to the Twitter threads posted on his of...
linux Dropbox is Bringing Back Support For ZFS, XFS, Btrfs And eCryptFS On Linux
Jul 24 08:16
As spotted in the latest beta build of Dropbox, the support for ZFS, XFS, Btrfs and eCryptFS is coming back to Linux. It was dropped from Dropbox on Linux in late 2018
security VPNs' Future: Less Reliant on Users, More Transparent, And Smarter
Jul 24 07:00
Virtual private networking is poised to become more automated and intelligent, especially as endpoints associated with cloud services and the IoT need protection
security Travel Security [from J4vv4D
Jul 24 07:00
Do you travel to dangerous places, like Information Security Conferences
crypto UnionBank Claims Cross-border Blockchain Remittance Breakthrough
Jul 24 06:12
UnionBank of the Philippines says that has successfully completed a blockchain-based remittance transaction from Singapore to its home country – becoming the first Philippine bank ever to do so.The p...
security Malware-based Attacks Dropped 20% Worldwide
Jul 24 06:00
Meanwhile, criminals waged more encrypted, ransomware, and IoT attacks
security Siemens Contractor Pleads Guilty to Planting 'Logic Bomb' in Spreadsheets
Jul 24 02:28
A former Siemens contractor has pledged guilty in federal court Friday to secretly planting code in automated spreadsheets he had created for the company over a decade ago that deliberately crashes t...
linux Linux kernel 5.3-rc1 released
Jul 23 20:54
Linus Torvalds has announced the release of Linux 5.3-rc1. He wrote in the mailing list, “This is a pretty big release, judging by the commit count. Not the biggest ever (that honor still goes to 4.9...
linux Ubisoft joins Blender Development Fund
Jul 23 20:52
Ubisoft will join the Blender Foundation’s Development Fund as a corporate Gold member
linux OpenWhisk Gets Its Apache Software Diploma
Jul 23 20:47
The OpenWhisk open source serverless platform hit graduation status as a Top-Level Project at the Apache Software Foundation. The designation comes as the serverless ecosystem continues its rapid evo...
linux Microsoft looks to 'do for data sharing what open source did for code
Jul 23 20:42
Microsoft is working to standardize data-sharing terms via pre-designed licensing agreements, the first of which now are available for preview and comment. Microsoft Corporate Vice President and Chie...
linux IBM Open Sources Cancer-Fighting AI Project
Jul 23 20:39
IBM recently developed three artificial intelligence tools that could help medical researchers fight cancer. Now, the company has decided to make all three tools open-source, meaning scientists will ...
linux Lyft Releases Open Source Data Set For Autonomous Vehicle Development
Jul 23 20:33
In an effort to bolster the development of cars capable of driving themselves around without human supervision, Lyft today released an autonomous vehicle data set that the company is calling the larg...
security New IPS Architecture Uses Network Flow Data for Analysis
Jul 23 18:00
Can a stream of data intended for network performance monitoring be the basis of network security? One company says the answer is 'yes
security Penetration Test Data Shows Risk to Domain Admin Credentials
Jul 23 17:00
But gaining a foothold on the LAN via vulnerabilities on Internet-facing assets is becoming harder, Rapid7 found in its real-world pen tests
security Business Email Compromise: Thinking Beyond Wire Transfers
Jul 23 16:45
As BEC continues to drive record-high losses, cybercriminals devise new tactics for swindling corporate targets out of millions
linux Feral Interactive Announces Commanders Update for Company of Heroes 2 for Linux, Participate in Fedora Test Week for Kernel 5.2, coreboot 4.10 Released, GNU Parallel 20190722 Released and EST Launches File Security for Linux v 7.0
Jul 23 13:51
News briefs for July 23, 2019.Feral Interactive yesterday announced Company of Heroes 2 for macOS and Linux: Commanders update is now available. This update of the WWII strategy game has five new com...
linux What Does It Take to Make a Kernel
Jul 23 12:00
by Petros KoutoupisThe kernel this. The kernel that. People often refer to one operating system's kernel or another without truly knowing what it does or how it works or what it takes to make one. Wh...
security A New 'Arbitrary File Copy' Flaw Affects ProFTPD Powered FTP Servers
Jul 23 11:31
A German security researcher has publicly disclosed details of a serious vulnerability in one of the most popular FTP server applications, which is currently being used by more than one million serve...
linux WPS Office on Linux is a Free Alternative to Microsoft Office
Jul 23 10:53
If you are looking for a free alternative of Microsoft Office on Linux, WPS Office is one of the best choice. It's free to use and offers compatibility with MS Office document formats
security Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch — 2019 Training Bundle
Jul 23 06:57
The world of cybersecurity is fast-paced and ever-changing. New attacks are unleashed every day, and companies around the world lose millions of dollars as a result. The only thing standing in the wa...
tech How to Install NTP in RHEL 8
Jul 23 06:19
Having an accurate system time on a Linux server is very important because of several system components such as Cron and Anacron, backup scripts and much more work based on time. Accurate timekeeping...
security Equifax to Pay up to $700 Million in 2017 Data Breach Settlement
Jul 23 00:55
Equifax, one of the three largest credit-reporting firms in the United States, has to pay up to $700 million in fines to settle a series of state and federal investigations into the massive 2017 data...
linux Google Announces Spinnaker For Google Cloud Platform
Jul 22 22:38
Google has announced Spinnaker for Google Cloud Platform, a service that brings the popular continuous delivery (CD) solution to its users. By bringing Spinnaker to GCP, Google is making it easier fo...
security VLC player has a critical flaw – and there’s no patch yet (updated
Jul 22 15:30
On the flip side, there are currently no known cases of the vulnerability being exploited in the wildThe post VLC player has a critical flaw – and there’s no patch yet (updated) appeared first on WeL...
linux Kernel 5.3-rc1 Released; VLC Security Flaw Discovered; Melissa Di Donato Appointed CEO of SUSE; Dropbox Brings Back Support for ZFS, XFS, Btrfs and eCryptFS; and YugaByte Is Now 100% Open Source
Jul 22 14:27
News briefs for July 22, 2019. Linux kernel 5.3-rc1 has been released. Linus Torvalds writes , "This is a pretty big release, judging by the commit count. Not the biggest ever (that honor still goes ...
linux Oracle Linux on Btrfs for the Raspberry Pi
Jul 22 11:30
by Charles FisherEnterprise comes to the micro server.Oracle Linux 7 has been released for the Raspberry Pi 3. The release packages Btrfs as the root filesystem on the UEK-branded Linux 4.14 Long Ter...
linux 8 Best Open Source CRM Software
Jul 22 05:31
Here are some of the best open source CRM software available for small & medium sized businesses. You can host them on your own or opt for their hosted versions
linux Oracle Linux 8 Released, Microsoft Offering Free Open-Source Software to Help Secure Voting Machines, Linux Mint 19.2 "Tina" Cinnamon Beta Is Out, First Beta of Latte Dock for v0.9 Now Available and Ubuntu 18.10 Cosmic Cuttlefish Reaches End of Life
Jul 19 14:26
News briefs for July 19, 2019.Oracle yesterday announced the release of Oracle Linux 8. New features include Application Streams, a "Dandified Yum", RPM improvements and much more. From the announcem...
security Zoom Video Conferencing for macOS Also Vulnerable to Critical RCE Flaw
Jul 19 12:45
The chaos and panic that the disclosure of privacy vulnerability in the highly popular and widely-used Zoom video conferencing software created earlier this week is not over yet. As suspected, it tur...
security Week in security with Tony Anscombe
Jul 19 11:30
ESET researchers release new findings about malware linked to the Ke3chang APT group, including details about Okrum, a previously unreported backdoorThe post Week in security with Tony Anscombe appea...
linux Data in a Flash, Part IV: the Future of Memory Technologies
Jul 19 11:30
by Petros KoutoupisI have spent the first three parts of this series describing the evolution and current state of Flash storage. I also described how to configure an NVMe over Fabric (NVMeoF) storag...
security Kazakhstan Begins Intercepting HTTPS Internet Traffic Of All Citizens Forcefully
Jul 19 11:03
If you are in Kazakhstan and unable to access the Internet service without installing a certificate, you're not alone. The Kazakhstan government has once again issued an advisory to all major local I...
tech How to Enable USB in VirtualBox
Jul 19 09:53
If your data center depends on VirtualBox and your virtual machines depend on the USB device, you’ve perhaps noticed that USB doesn’t support by default unless you’ve manually enabled it. In this art...
security With FaceApp in the spotlight, new scams emerge
Jul 19 09:30
ESET researchers discover fraudulent schemes piggybacking on the popularity of the face-modifying tool FaceApp, using a fake “Pro” version of the application as a lureThe post With FaceApp in the spo...
linux Ubuntu 18.10 Reaches End of Life! Existing Users Must Upgrade Now
Jul 19 06:06
Ubuntu 18.10 Cosmic Cuttlefish has completed its lifespan of 9 months. If you are using Ubuntu 18.10, you must upgrade to Ubuntu 19.04
bsd BSD Now Episode 306: Comparing Hammers
Jul 18 18:55
In this BSD Now episode, hosts Benedict Reuschling and Allan Jude discuss a retro UNIX build log based on Am5x86, setting up services in FreeNAS jail, DragonflyBSD  first taste, streaming Netflix wit...
linux ApacheCon Europe 2019 Schedule Revealed by The Apache Software Foundation
Jul 18 15:33
ApacheCon Europe 2019 to be held on 22-24 October 2019 at the iconic Kulturbrauerei in Berlin, Germany. It will focus on Big Data, Community, IoT, Machine Learning, and Open Source Design, among othe...
security Hacker Stole Data of Over 70% Bulgarian Citizens from Tax Agency Servers
Jul 18 10:04
Eastern European country Bulgaria has suffered the biggest data breach in its history that compromised personal and financial information of 5 million adult citizens out of its total population of 7 ...
security Slack Resets Passwords For Users Who Hadn't Changed It Since 2015 Breach
Jul 18 10:04
If you use Slack, a popular cloud-based team collaboration server, and recently received an email from the company about a security incident, don't panic and read this article before taking any actio...
security Okrum: Ke3chang group targets diplomatic missions
Jul 18 09:30
Tracking the malicious activities of the elusive Ke3chang APT group, ESET researchers have discovered new versions of malware families linked to the group, and a previously unreported backdoorThe pos...
security BlueKeep patching isn’t progressing fast enough
Jul 17 18:53
Keeping up with BlueKeep; or how many internet-facing systems, and in which countries and industries, remain ripe for exploitation?The post BlueKeep patching isn’t progressing fast enough appeared fi...
security EvilGnome: A New Backdoor Implant Spies On Linux Desktop Users
Jul 17 07:32
Security researchers have discovered a rare piece of Linux spyware that's currently fully undetected across all major antivirus security software products, and includes rarely seen functionalities wi...
linux Epic Games Backs Blender Foundation with $1.2m Epic MegaGrants
Jul 17 06:50
Epic Games granted Blender Foundation $1.2 million to help improve the development of their free and open-source 3D computer graphics software. Can this help Epic Games win trust of open source people
security New Attack Lets Android Apps Capture Loudspeaker Data Without Any Permission
Jul 17 03:52
Earlier this month, The Hacker News covered a story on research revealing how over 1300 Android apps are collecting sensitive data even when users have explicitly denied the required permissions. The...
bsd How-To] Install an Apache, MySQL, and PHP (FAMP) Stack on FreeBSD 12.0
Jul 17 02:14
This guide by users Mitchell Anicas and Albert Valbuena will show you how to get a FAMP stack set up on FreeBSD 12.0. FAMP is an acronym for FreeBSD, Apache, MySQL, and PHP — all open source applicat...
bsd BSD Link Roundup 7.16
Jul 17 02:03
Here’s a collection of FreeBSD announcements, articles, discussions, and all around BSD happenings. Statement regarding employment change and roles in the Project via FreeBSD list Resource exhaustion...
bsd Project Trident 19.06 is now available
Jul 17 01:38
The developers of Project Trident have made available version 19.06. Project Trident is the continuation of the graphical version of TrueOS with Lumina Desktop Environment and is based on FreeBSD ope...
bsd How-To] Recommended Steps For New FreeBSD 12.0 Servers
Jul 17 01:25
This tutorial by user Justin Ellingwood and Kathryn Hancox of DigitalOcean will show you how to perform the additional steps to get right into production after installing FreeBSD on your server. You ...
bsd BSD Now Episode 305: Changing face of Unix
Jul 16 22:02
In this BSD Now episode, hosts Allan Jude and Benedict Reuschling discuss OPNsense website protection, ZoL pull request and FreeBSD support, porting Wine to amd64 for NetBSD, FreeBSD Enterprise 1PB s...
security How your Instagram account could have been hijacked
Jul 16 15:36
A researcher found that it was possible to subvert the platform’s password recovery mechanism and take control of user accountsThe post How your Instagram account could have been hijacked appeared fi...
security Zoom RCE Flaw Also Affects Its Rebranded Versions RingCentral and Zhumu
Jul 16 13:05
The same security vulnerabilities that were recently reported in Zoom for macOS also affect two other popular video conferencing software that under the hood, are just a rebranded version of Zoom vid...
linux SysAdmin Day Sale: Get 60% off on Linux Foundation Certification & Training
Jul 16 11:36
To celebrate the Sysadmin day, the Linux Foundation is giving 60% off on its training courses on sysadmin, Kubernetes, Hyperledger etc. Advance your career with these certifications
security Engage Your Management with the Definitive 'Security for Management' Presentation Template
Jul 16 05:25
In every organization, there is a person who's directly accountable for cybersecurity. The name of the role varies per the organization's size and maturity – CISO, CIO, and Director of IT are just a ...
security Hackers Can Manipulate Media Files You Receive Via WhatsApp and Telegram
Jul 16 02:31
If you think that the media files you receive on your end-to-end encrypted secure messaging apps can not be tampered with, you need to think again. Security researchers at Symantec yesterday demonstr...
linux How to Use BleachBit to Optimize Ubuntu Linux
Jul 15 14:39
Looking for a simple way to clean your Ubuntu machine and to protect your personal data? BleachBit might be the tool for you. Here's how to install and use it
security iOS URL Scheme Could Let App-in-the-Middle Attackers Hijack Your Accounts
Jul 15 10:44
Security researchers have illustrated a new app-in-the-middle attack that could allow a malicious app installed on your iOS device to steal sensitive information from other apps by exploiting certain...
security This Flaw Could Have Allowed Hackers to Hack Any Instagram Account Within 10 Minutes
Jul 15 02:25
Watch out! Facebook-owned photo-sharing service has recently patched a critical vulnerability that could have allowed hackers to compromise any Instagram account without requiring any interaction fro...
linux Excellent! Ubuntu LTS Users Will Now Get the Latest Nvidia Driver Updates [No PPA Needed Anymore
Jul 13 14:12
To get the latest Nvidia drivers in Ubuntu LTS versions, you don’t have to use PPA anymore. The latest drivers will now be available in the repositories of the Ubuntu LTS versions
security Facebook to Pay $5 Billion Fine to Settle FTC Privacy Investigation
Jul 13 00:27
After months of negotiations, the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has approved a record $5 billion settlement with Facebook over its privacy investigation into the Cambridge Analytica sc...
bsd FreeBSD Journal: FreeBSD for Makers
Jul 13 00:05
The latest FreeBSD Journal (May/June 2019) is here, this one focusing on “Makers” or DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects including BeagleBone Black and Raspberry Pi. Ready to get your hands dirty? Dive rig...
bsd FreeBSD 11.3-RELEASE is now available
Jul 12 23:59
The developers of FreeBSD have made available version 11.3. Notable changes include updates to clang, llvm, lldb, libc++, ELF Tool Chain, OpenSSL, ZFS filesystem and parallel mounting, KDE, GNOME, pk...
security Week in security with Tony Anscombe
Jul 12 12:02
ESET researchers describe the ins and outs of a zero-day exploit that has been used for a highly targeted attack and reveal the name of the threat actor that deployed itThe post Week in security with...
security Cybercrime seen to be getting worse: The time to act is now
Jul 12 09:30
What mounting public concern about falling victim to cybercrime says about government and corporate efforts at cybercrime deterrenceThe post Cybercrime seen to be getting worse: The time to act is no...
linux ElectronMail – a Desktop Client for ProtonMail and Tutanota
Jul 12 04:28
ElectronMail is a desktop client that allows you to use encrypted email services like Tutanota and ProtonMail simultaneously from the same interface
security Cybersecurity Frameworks — Types, Strategies, Implementation and Benefits
Jul 12 01:09
Organizations around the world are wondering how to become immune from cyber attacks which are evolving every day with more sophisticated attack vectors. IT teams are always on the lookout for new ra...
security Buhtrap group uses zero‑day in latest espionage campaigns
Jul 11 09:30
ESET research reveals notorious crime group also conducting espionage campaigns for the past five yearsThe post Buhtrap group uses zero‑day in latest espionage campaigns appeared first on WeLiveSecur...
security New Malware Replaced Legit Android Apps With Fake Ones On 25 Million Devices
Jul 11 06:04
Are you sure the WhatsApp app you are using on your Android device is legitimate, even if it's working perfectly as intended? ...Or the JioTV, AppLock, HotStar, Flipkart, Opera Mini or Truecaller app...
security Magecart Hackers Infect 17,000 Sites Through Misconfigured Amazon S3 Buckets
Jul 11 00:34
Magecart strikes again! Cybersecurity researchers have identified yet another supply-chain attack carried out by payment card hackers against more than 17,000 web domains, which also include websites...
linux Start Hacking! Kali Linux is Now Available for Raspberry Pi 4
Jul 10 12:26
You can take your DIY hacking skills to the next level now. The upgraded Raspberry Pi 4 now gets the Kali Linux support
security A New Ransomware Is Targeting Network Attached Storage (NAS) Devices
Jul 10 11:01
A new ransomware family has been found targeting Linux-based Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices made by Taiwan-based QNAP Systems and holding users' important data hostage until a ransom is paid,...
security Windows zero‑day CVE‑2019‑1132 exploited in targeted attacks
Jul 10 09:30
ESET research discovers a zero-day exploit that takes advantage of a local privilege escalation vulnerability in WindowsThe post Windows zero‑day CVE‑2019‑1132 exploited in targeted attacks appeared ...
security UK’s data watchdog hands out two mega‑fines for breaches
Jul 9 17:19
The times they have a-changed since the ICO could only slap fines worth a fraction of the current amountsThe post UK’s data watchdog hands out two mega‑fines for breaches appeared first on WeLiveSecu...
security Malicious campaign targets South Korean users with backdoor‑laced torrents
Jul 8 09:30
ESET researchers have discovered a malicious campaign distributing a backdoor via torrents, with Korean TV content used as a lureThe post Malicious campaign targets South Korean users with backdoor‑l...
linux Linux Games Get A Performance Boost for AMD GPUs Thanks to Valve’s New Compiler
Jul 7 08:01
Valve's new ACO compiler gives Linux games a performance boost for AMD GPUs. They compilation is now 45% faster resulting in in-game FPS improvement. Read more
linux Debian 10 Buster Released! Here are the New Features
Jul 7 02:20
Debian 10 Buster is nearing its release. Excited about the new major release? Here's a list of the new features in Debian 10
linux Mozilla Firefox and the ISPA Nomination for Internet Villain Award
Jul 5 16:22
Mozilla Firefox is known for protecting user privacy. Who would have thought that would become the reason for Mozilla to get the Internet Villain nomination
security Week in security with Tony Anscombe
Jul 5 09:30
Chinese smart home solutions provider Orvibo has leaked two billion logs from devices managed via its cloud platform, exposing sensitive information about their usersThe post Week in security with To...
linux Enable ‘Tap to click’ on Ubuntu Login Screen [Quick Tip
Jul 4 15:18
The tap to click option doesn't work on the login screen in Ubuntu 18.04 GNOME desktop. In this tutorial, you'll learn to enable the 'tap to click' on the Ubuntu login screen
security NHS warned to act now to keep hackers at bay
Jul 3 15:31
A trifecta of issues impact the organization’s cyber-resilience and conspire to put it in the firing line of cyberattacksThe post NHS warned to act now to keep hackers at bay appeared first on WeLive...
bsd BSD Now Episode 304: Prospering with Vulkan
Jul 3 00:49
In this BSD Now episode, hosts Benedict Reuschling and Allan Jude discuss DragonFlyBSD 5.6, Vulkan support on OpenBSD, FreeBSD and bad utmp imeplementations in glibc, OpenSSH protect self against Sid...
bsd Terminal Tinkering: macOS Third Party Drivers and Ports in FreeBSD Podcast
Jul 2 20:24
In this podcast by The Mac Observer, user Jeff Butts walks us through using unsigned apps in macOS and talks about setting up the Ports in FreeBSD. View the video podcast below and be sure to check o...
bsd FreeBSD Enterprise 1 PB Storage by vermaden
Jul 2 20:07
User vermaden is back again with another in-depth FreeBSD post, this time detailing his enterprise FreeBSD solution with a whopping 1PB storage. He shows you his hardware setup — a TYAN thunder and S...
bsd How-To] FreeBSD+ZFS Without Drives
Jul 2 20:02
User Savagedlight shows us how to replace a drive on a FreeBSD system using only one drive and ZFS, without disrupting its availability. Check out the video below for the full walk-through. Recap of ...
bsd How-To] RabbitMQ Cluster on FreeBSD Containers
Jul 2 19:52
User vermaden shows us how to set up a RabbitMQ Cluster on a FreeBSD container. RabbitMQ is an open source message broker, supporting multiple message protocols being deployed in the cloud or on prem...
bsd FreeBSD 11.3-RC3 is now available
Jul 2 19:09
The developers of FreeBSD have made available the THIRD release candidate of FreeBSD 11.3 (RC3).  This version includes several bug fixes including mountd(8) and NAT64LSN. Other notable changes to 11...
security Two billion user logs leaked by smart home vendor
Jul 2 16:46
The leak, which has since been plugged, exposed a range of highly specific and sensitive information about usersThe post Two billion user logs leaked by smart home vendor appeared first on WeLiveSecu...
security Ex‑Equifax executive sent to jail for insider trading after breach
Jul 1 16:00
Sounds bad”, the former Equifax CIO wrote in a text after learning of the breach that ended up affecting almost half the US populationThe post Ex‑Equifax executive sent to jail for insider trading af...
linux Ubuntu or Fedora: Which One Should You Use and Why
Jul 1 07:07
Ubuntu or Fedora? What's the difference? Which is better? Which one should you use? Read this comparison of Ubuntu and Fedora